[Dev-luatex] Modifying the LuaTeX Engine

وفا خلیقی، Vafa Khalighi vafa at live.com.au
Fri Dec 26 17:51:12 CET 2008

> Can you do these in luatex as well? 

Yes, but please give me some time. Let me first produce the document which explains TeX-e-Parsi's changes.

At first glance: From the pdf's I do  
> not see anything that Omega could not do with ease 8 years ago. See the  
> attached from a journal done in luatex.

fact is, " I did not typeset them, those files just were some sample
files already being there." Yes, the output you have sent looks super
good. I think this is not a good way of comparing outputs. We should

a sample complex bidirectional text which contain
everything in it (boxes, LTR and RTL texts, poems, colors, diagrams,
footnotes and ...) and then compare the produced outputs. Please also
note that I am using LaTeX not context.
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