[Dev-luatex] Modifying the LuaTeX Engine

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Dec 26 12:10:42 CET 2008

وفا خلیقی، Vafa Khalighi wrote:
>  > I'm just curious: Did Yazdipur try to communicate with the Omega
>  > developers and offer patches etc?
> I do not think so, It seems that he has got no interest in the Unicode 
> world and he is a big fan of Knuth's TeX engine only and does not want 
> to write codes for PDFTeX, XeTeX and LuaTeX.

in that case it's a lost case since we all move on to unicode now; no 
more 8 bit fonts and ugly hacke sto do what unicode does already; also, 
i don't expect much new font technology to surface in the tex community 
(best convert what is already there to open type)

(btw, in official tex distributions pdf(e)tex is the official engine now)

> Yes, I did and I still think TeX-e-Parsi's bidirectional algorithm is 
> more powerful than LuaTeX's.

luatex has layered bidi support:

- omega primitives (maybe extended in the future)
- node list processing using lua

especially the second case permits us to go beyond what is hard coded in 
the tex engine which will never be complete for everyone

> happened recently. As I said Yazdipour has faith only in Donald Knuth 
> and his work and no interest in other TeX engines, that is what I have 
> heard. Donald Knuth himself congratulated him for writing the 
> TeX-e-Parsi's engine.

but Don also mentions pdftex as a development in the spirit of what he 
envisioned ... users taking tex and adapting it to their own needs; keep 
in mind that he uses a tex with frozen functionality because it enables 
him to write his books over a live-span

> I absolutely agree. But Let's have a test file. I write that test file 
> with TeX-e-Parsi and you write the test file with LuaTeX and then we 
> compare the results. If you can send a sample/test file so then I can 
> typeset in with TeX-e-Parsi.

sounds ok to me; but then also discuss limitations and needs for 


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