[Dev-luatex] Modifying the LuaTeX Engine

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Dec 25 11:45:28 CET 2008

وفا خلیقی، Vafa Khalighi wrote:

> These extra 100 commands are:
> \LtoR, \RtoL, \accfactor, \activefont, \aftereverydisplay, \autoLRdirset,
> \autofontset, \autoLRset, \basefont, \billions, \everysemidisplay,
> \everysemimath, \everysemipar, \fonttwin, \hboxR, \ifLtoR, \ifRtoL,
> \ifautoLRdir, \ifautofont,
> \ifjoinable, \iflatin, \ifleftvbox, \ifcase, \ifonesof, \iftensof,
> \ifhundredsof, \ifthousands, \ifmillions, \ifbillions, \ifprehundreds,
> \ifprethousands, \ifpremillions, \ifprebillions, \ifsetlatin, \ifsetsemitic,
> \ifsetrawprinting, \ifsemiticchar, \ifsplited,
> \inputR, \jattrib, \lastcharjoinable, \lastcharunjoinable, \latin, \lcode,
> \leftvbox, \curboxdir, \curdirection, \curLRswch, \curspeech, \maketwin,
> \manLRset, \midruleinit, \midrulespec, \millions, \openinR, \openoutR,
> \rawprinting, \eqprinting,
> \rightvbox, \leftinput, \semiaccent, \semiaccentdown, \retainaccentchar,
> \semichar, \semichardef, \semiday, \semifam, \dblfont, \semifont,
> \semihalign, \semimonth, \semispaceskip, \semitic, \semixspaceskip,
> \semiyear, \thousands,
> \twinfont, \vboxjustification, \LRshowswitch, \LRmiscswitch, \eqwrite,
> \letlatinname, \letsemiticname, \leteqname, \eqchar, \eqcharif,
> \letnoteqname, \letnoteqchar, \letnoteqcharif, \endspecial, \beginspecial
> Please feel free to comment about the commands.

i can imagine that some of the commands make sense in etex which has 
only a simplified rl mechanism bu even then it's hard to imagine the use 
of \ifhundredsof cum suis;

keep in mind that in luatex one has more control over things already and 
  can easily write conversion and test macros using lua calls; also, 
once we start tuning the engine for specific languages / scripts we end 
up with some extra 100 * 100 commands (i.e hardcoding functionality that 
macros can do already)

i can imagine that some of the box related commands make sense but as 
taco mentioned, more details are needed then


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