[Dev-luatex] Modifying the LuaTeX Engine

وفا خلیقی، Vafa Khalighi vafa at live.com.au
Wed Dec 24 13:09:13 CET 2008

Now it has
been some time that I have been studying the TeX-e-Parsi engine and have
studied the changes that they have done in the actual TeX engine.

TeX-e-Parsi is a localised version of TeX which has perfect bidirectional
support and I hope that we can make these changes in the LuaTeX engine so we
have perfect bidirectional support.

TeX-e-Parsi adds about 100 Prmitive commands to the Original TeX primitive
commands. I think we would not need all of these 100 commands but we will
need the commands that have something to do with the directions.

These extra 100 commands are:

\LtoR, \RtoL, \accfactor, \activefont, \aftereverydisplay, \autoLRdirset,
\autofontset, \autoLRset, \basefont, \billions, \everysemidisplay,
\everysemimath, \everysemipar, \fonttwin, \hboxR, \ifLtoR, \ifRtoL,
\ifautoLRdir, \ifautofont,

\ifjoinable, \iflatin, \ifleftvbox, \ifcase, \ifonesof, \iftensof,
\ifhundredsof, \ifthousands, \ifmillions, \ifbillions, \ifprehundreds,
\ifprethousands, \ifpremillions, \ifprebillions, \ifsetlatin, \ifsetsemitic,
\ifsetrawprinting, \ifsemiticchar, \ifsplited,

\inputR, \jattrib, \lastcharjoinable, \lastcharunjoinable, \latin, \lcode,
\leftvbox, \curboxdir, \curdirection, \curLRswch, \curspeech, \maketwin,
\manLRset, \midruleinit, \midrulespec, \millions, \openinR, \openoutR,
\rawprinting, \eqprinting,

\rightvbox, \leftinput, \semiaccent, \semiaccentdown, \retainaccentchar,
\semichar, \semichardef, \semiday, \semifam, \dblfont, \semifont,
\semihalign, \semimonth, \semispaceskip, \semitic, \semixspaceskip,
\semiyear, \thousands,

\twinfont, \vboxjustification, \LRshowswitch, \LRmiscswitch, \eqwrite,
\letlatinname, \letsemiticname, \leteqname, \eqchar, \eqcharif,
\letnoteqname, \letnoteqchar, \letnoteqcharif, \endspecial, \beginspecial

I am attaching the actual change file (tex.ch) with this email. 
would wou think that we could possibly define these new primitives in the
LuaTeX engine? if you do that, then there will be no problem at all with
bidirectional typesetting and LuaTeX will have most complete bidirectional
algorithm for typesetting in TeX.

Please feel free to comment about the commands.


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