[Dev-luatex] hook for inserts

Oliver Heins olli at sopos.org
Mon Dec 8 15:52:14 CET 2008

Hi Taco,

[I accidentially sent you this mail per pm first; here's a copy to the list.]

thanks for your quick answer.

Taco Hoekwater wrote:
> Oliver Heins wrote:
>> I want to take a look at inserts to decide whether they should appear on
>> the current page or not, but I don't find the appropriate callback.
> You can try to use the 'buildpage_filter' callback and the
> tex.lists node list pointers.

It looks that I can't find all the of the inserts.  In the attached sample
file, I have only access to the first two of five.

Another question: Is there any iterator for a circular list?
node.traverse ends up running in a circle (I guess that's why it's called
a circular list :-).  To prevent this, i indexed a table with the value of
the next-field and check if this has already been seen.

> But be warned, this part of luatex
> is not fully developed yet: if you remove an item from the
> tex.lists.contrib_head pointer you may end up crashing luatex
> (this is because luatex has already decide what node it will use
> to break the page before calling the buildpage_filter)

Uuuh, that sounds dangerous.  Perhaps I am on the wrong track.

Best regards,
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