[Dev-luatex] [dev-context] new context and luatex packages for Debian

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 1 18:46:30 CET 2008

> In fact, as stated, if you don't mind me having it on my computer (but
> I guarantee that I will not use it for anything but testing context) I
> would be happy to have a big fat test document.  You already sent me
> one, that is one of those I test before uploading.

One of my two tests is a slightly newer version of the mathematics
textbook that I sent you.  I can send you the newer math textbook if
that's useful.  Now that the Euler problem is fixed (see below), I'll
probably use Euler for the equations, so you'll have a test suite using
Palatino and Euler.

The other test is the physics textbook ("Art of Approximation").  The
physics textbook uses two Python scripts that I wrote plus mercurial.
If you don't mind testing Python as a side effect of testing the Debian
packages, I can send you a version of the physics textbook that still
uses Python but doesn't depend on mercurial (or I can send you the
vanilla version with all those deps).

> Strange. I am running it here on my laptop and it comes out fine, Debian
> packages:
> context        2008.10.31-1 
> lmodern        1.010x-5
> > worked with an older set of context minimals a month or so ago.  So I
> > suspect a problem in my font map files (I'm using lmodern 1.010x-5).
> Pity that -recorder cannot be passed to texexec so that it records *all*
> loaded files. This is the best way to find interfering files.

that suggestion solved the problem.  You can pass -recorder as follows:

  texexec --passon=-recorder test.tex

pdftex then gets the -recorder option, and test.fls will have the magic info.

I did so and looked for any loaded files that begin with /home/sanjoy.
And found the culprit:

  INPUT /home/sanjoy/texmf/tex/context/math-eul.tex

So I had an interfering version of math-eul.tex.  When I deleted it, the
test file compiled fine.  Sorry for the noise.


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 glorify the hunters.'  --African Proverb

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