[Dev-luatex] The hpack_filter callback

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Apr 29 12:20:26 CEST 2008

Jonathan Sauer wrote:
>> \directlua0{
>>    callback.register('post_linebreak_filter', function(head)
>>       % head is the alternating list of hboxes and glues etc.
>>       for i in node.traverse_id('hlist',head) do
>>            if i.next == nil then % last line has no next
>>               v = node.hpack(i.list,'natural')
> "v" should be local, of course. 

Yes, sure. I was rather sloppy in the lua, I only tried what
worked instead of verifying the actual code.

> The two-parameter form of node.hpack
> is a bit strange (since not explained in the manual). Is above line
> different from "v = node.hpack(i.list)"?

No. In fact, my code was wrong, there is no two-argument call
possible (but in this case, that was silently ignored).

> (Incidentally, the manual also does not note that node.traverse_id
> can take a string as its first parameter.)

Same kind of error here. The code only works because
tonumber("hlist") == 0, and that is the same as the type id
of node type hlist. Coincidence.

>>               print (v.width / 65535)
>>               % next two lines prevent memory leaks
>>               v.list = nil
> I don't quite understand why this is necessary. Since node.hpack
> creates a new node list, why should this list not be freed by
> node.free?

Because it is also still present in the paragraph. If you do
not clear the list item, you will get a double-free error later
on in the best case scenario. In the worst case the nodes have
been reallocated already, and the paragraph contains garbage,
potentially resulting in a crash.

A cleaner solution here would have been to hpack a copy, but
that is a lot less efficient.

>> Using the function above, you can calculate the position within a 
>> paragraph by adding up the various widths and heights and depths.
> Umm ... in the case of a glyph node, I then would access the font
> using font.fonts[glyph.font] and then retrieve the character's
> dimensions from the appropriate table? Since as far as I can see,
> not all nodes store their dimension directly.

Either that, or you can hpack() the line-so-far. But in both cases,
you also have to compensate for the glue setting, so the solution
with \pdfsavepos c.s. is much easier in practice.

Best wishes,

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