[Dev-luatex] luatools --ini plain

Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Sun Apr 13 23:59:38 CEST 2008

This is something I don't understand.

In the mk.pdf manual on luatex on page 21 there is the following  

luatools --ini plain

Instead of the expected output 120,808 plain.fmt etc. I get an error:  
"There is no lua initialization file found. ..."
Running "luatools --generate" does not help.
There is a hint: "This file can be forced by the --progname directve,  
or specified with --luaname,..."

How can I get a "lua initialization file" in order to not have the  
And how do I interpret the hint, as the text of the error message is  
too cryptic for me to understand.

Hans van der Meer

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