[Dev-luatex] Problems with texmf.cnf settings

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Sun Sep 30 23:44:13 CEST 2007

> What still puzzles me, or better makes me a bit sceptic, is this luatex
> cache thingy, which needs updating at any time.

  I do not think that luatools --generate needs to be called more
frequently than mktexlsr (it basically does the same job; the purpose of
the whole thing is to replace kpathsea).  Couldn't it be made a part of
the post-install script?

> This is not a solution, I am a system integrator, I want to get this
> working for Debian, so I cannot rely on stuff to be downloaded etc.

  Sure, but *you* could download it and have a look at it.  It's a
hundred-line script and all it does is setting some variables.  By the
way, you can download the stand-alone script at

>                                                                     I
> need to know *exactely* what is necessary, and have to develop a method
> to make this working on all the Debian machines out there.

  I guess once you've set LUAINPUTS correctly, everything should run
correctly but if you have other questions, you really should ask them on
the ConTeXt list because it's not really about LuaTeX (and we already
had the same sort of questions a bunch of times there).  As a matter of
fact, somebody there just reported that for him (on Windows) it was
enough to set:

	PATH = G:\rsync\windows\texmf-mswin\bin;
	TEXMF = {g:\rsync\windows\texmf,g:\rsync\windows\texmf-local}
	TEXMFCNF = G:\rsync\windows\texmf{-local,}/web2c
	LUAINPUTS = .;$TEXMF/tex/context/base;$TEXMF/scripts/context/lua


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