[Dev-luatex] Lua states and \dump

Jonathan Sauer Jonathan.Sauer at silverstroke.com
Tue Sep 25 10:59:06 CEST 2007


> Nevertheless, the integer overflow is serious enough to 
> warrant a fix in the next beta

Great! (even though I think the risk of an exploit is quite low)

> (it will be a while before I get to cleaning up the bytecode array).

No problem. But IMO this is an important piece of information: To
know if something will be cleaned up or is there to stay (modulo
bug fixes).

This is a problem I stumbled on several times now: There is a TODO
list in the LuaTeX manual, but this list, it seems, only contains
the missing features, but not the features awaiting cleanup. So
it is difficult to determine if something is a bug or simply the
result of a temporary implementation, and therefore to decide if
it should be reported on this list.

It would help a lot to note temporary implementations in the source
with i.e. "TODO: CLEANUP".

> > another overflow can be in the piping data to tex (tex.print) .. if 
> > you collect 2 gig data there you may also run into problems
> Not so sure. Lua itself would probably have stopped you 
> before that, but I can't test that now as it would take 
> forever on this machine.

Hans, since you have more than enough RAM for everyone (more than 640K
can you test this?

> >> [3] I think, this is the result of the sig-handler LuaTeX installs 
> >> which displays an error message. But it seems that this message has

> >> been overwritten as well.
> It is actually the message in the crash handler in the C runtime.

Are you sure? LuaTeX installs its own sig-handler which displays the
usual TeX error prompt. I exited the crashed LuaTeX by typing 'x' and

> Best wishes,
> Taco


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