[Dev-luatex] Hyphenation

Jonathan Sauer Jonathan.Sauer at silverstroke.com
Wed Sep 19 09:30:41 CEST 2007


I have a question about hyphenation in LuaTeX.

Situation: I have UTF-8 input which is mapped (using active characters)
onto a T1-encoded font (using \char<foo>). I am using the german UTF-8
Context hyphenation patterns (but not Context itself).

Now words which contain german umlauts are hyphenated correctly, since
the T1 font slot of umlauts is identical to their Unicode position.
Unfortunately, this is not the case for sharp s, which is at hex FD
in Unicode, but hex FF in T1 fonts. So words containing sharp s are not
hyphenated correctly.

Since Unicode hex FF is y dieresis, I have modified the hyphenation
patterns to include the patterns containing a sharp s twice: Once with
the sharp s, and once with a y dieresis instead of the sharp s.

Now hyphenation works as expected, but I cannot help to think that
this is quite an ugly workaround. Still: Am I on the right track
(at least until I have written and included code to read OpenType
fonts, so the whole font encoding concept vanishes)?


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