[Dev-luatex] beta 0.11.1 released

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Sep 18 16:53:58 CEST 2007


If you have not fetched the files yet, wait for a bit longer.
0.11.2 will be released in an hour or so, and that fixes
the problem with CJK font subsets.

Taco Hoekwater wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just released the files for luatex beta 0.11.1. So far,
> there is a source package and binaries for win32 and linux-i386,
> as usual. Hopefully, binaries for (some) other platforms will
> become available in a few days.
> As you can see below, most of the new stuff is related to fonts.
> Still to come in that area is extended support for math and
> opentype, but the immediate focus will shift to opening up the
> hyphenation subsystem and paragraph builder.
> A quick list of what is new and fixed since beta 0.10.2:
> New:
> * pfb+afm fonts can now be used in 'wide' (encodingbytes=2) mode
> * searching in PDFS using 'wide' fonts now works reasonably well
>    (based on the tounicode feature)
> * related to that, tounicode information can now be passed
>    on inside the font metrics table
> * font subsetting is now supported for CID-based OpenType fonts
>    (however, there is a known bug with KpozMinProVI-Regular.otf)
> * fontforge's warning and error messages are now intercepted
>    and passed on to the lua code as a second return value of
>    the fontforge.open() function
> * the new primitive \suppressfontnotfounderror can suppress
>    the TeX error for "Font not found"
> * The lua function font.current can now be used to set TeX's
>    current font
> Fixes:
> * set_attribute(-1) is now the same as unset_attribute()
> * OpenType lookups with glyph classes would crash luatex
> * luazlib would not compile on debian (fix from Norbert)
> * CID-based fonts would crash luatex
> * Bare CFF should be read in binary mode (fix from Akira)
> * VF processing did not process packets containing zero bytes properly
> * the truetype collection (.ttc) handling is fixed, so that all
>    of the fonts inside a collection can now be used reliably
> * application segfaults and stack overflows are intercepted
>    so that luatex can quit a bit more gracefully
> * an assertion failuer on systems with signed chars (linux-powerpc)
>    is fixed
> * a crash on AMD64 linux was fixed
> * the lua "pdf" table code was wrong
> * \ifcsname did not work properly for UTF-8 characters
> * Use of the math-related functions using make_fraction (like \atop)
>    caused a crash
> * \handling of \if\noexpand was wrong
> * applied a patch that cleans up XForm and page calculations
> * "autoconf" support from zziplib is stripped
> As usual, I have uploaded source and binaries to
>     http://foundry.supelec.fr/projects/luatex/
> Have fun,
> Taco
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