[Dev-luatex] bug with \ifcsname, ttf font spacing problems, and catcode initialisation for utf8 beyond ascii

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Fri Sep 14 03:49:06 CEST 2007

> Probably the "mag" multiplier. It should be around 50.000, I guess.
> I'll have a closer look tomorrow.

  That was is; it's fixed on the wiki.  Olivier can enjoy his line of
little skulls with the correct metrics ...

  By the way, I thought the test on size was wrong too [if (size < 0)
then size = (- 655.36) * size end] because, from reading the LuaTeX
reference, I assumed that a size of -1 meant an actual size of
design_size, thus defaulting to 10pt == 655360sp.  But after testing, it
seems that it's actually not the case and that that number has to be
divided by 1000.  Am I mystified or should the paragraph at the end of
page 50 of the manual be corrected?  I do remember having read something
about a factor 1000 in the past ... (like Metafont's mag parameter).


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