[Dev-luatex] Four suggestions

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Sep 4 16:36:32 CEST 2007

>>     3. Yet another thing (I sent this some time ago to the pdfdtex list, 
>> but because I didn't know about this list and thought that the other was 
>> the one discussing the extensions to TeX. This is the place where this 
>> message belongs to. Sorry to those who will read it twice): An 
>> intermediate scope of assignment, between \local and \global. The idea 
>> is that the assignment be still in force in the innermost group that 
>> encloses that which we are in. For example, if the primitive is to be 
>> named \regional,
> for a long time we've been thinking of a feature like that, where 
> results can be carried over one (or more groups); it has a low priority 
> but it's definitely on the agenda (has even been prototyped by taco a 
> couple of years ago)

The implementation is a bit complicated because of the way tex stores
values on the save stack, which is why I never passed the prototype
stage. But I still like this idea, and \regional is a good name. I will
get back at this in the not-too-distant future, I hope.

>>     4. Just one more. The todo list includes  "A way to (re?)calculate 
>> the width of a \vbox, taking only the natural width of the included 
>> items into account".  What about the depth of a \hbox where items have 
>> been raised? Try
>>   \setbox0\hbox{\raise 10pt\hbox{a}}. \showthe\dp0

Yes, that problem is very similar.

Best wishes,

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