[Dev-luatex] dev-luatex Digest, Vol 21, Issue 18

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sun Oct 28 13:34:56 CET 2007

Chris Rowley wrote:
> Wow!
>> * to switch from hyphenating glyphs to hyphenating characters
> That's the best news I have heard in many a long decade!
> I would be very interseted in reading the documentation for such
> innovations (or even to help writing it ... oops, what am I saying???).

There is a preliminary chapter in the manual already (just wait until

>> * to remove the language-related limits
> Examples?

For example:

* TeX's words are 64 characters maximum
* The pattern and hyphenation memory sizes are fixed
* hyphenation exceptions don't scale
   (i.e. you can't create a language solely by means of \hyphenation)
* \patterns are illegal in non-initex runs
* you can't add new patterns to any language after any hyphenation
   attempt has taken place (in any other language at all)
* \uchyph is a paragraph-scoped property, not word-based

Best wishes,

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