[Dev-luatex] kpse interface module

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sun May 20 12:01:17 CEST 2007

Hi Reinhard,

In the repository, I have extended the kpathsea interface a bit, can
you or any other knowledgeable people check to see if this is enough?

The kpathsea headers are a bit scattered, so I may have missed a
needed function.

New Lua functions:

kpse.set_program_name(string name [, string progname])
* This initializes the search library.

kpse.init_prog(string name, number basedpi, string mfmode
                [, string fallbackfont])
* This does roughly the same, but for progams that do
   PK/GF lookups (and creation), because that needs some
   default values.

kpse.readable_file(string file_name)
* Returns either the actual filename, or nil, depending on the
   readability of the absolute (!) file_name. The return
   value is a string because in some cases the used filename is
   not identical to the requested filename (think MSDOS)

Extended Lua function:

kpse.find_file(string file [, string type
                [, (boolean must_exist | number wanted_dpi)]])
* This function is extended: the new 'wanted_dpi' is the bitmap
   resolution. This value is used when 'type' is one of 'pk', 'gf',
   or 'bitmap font'.


kpse.expand_var(string varname)

kpse.expand_path(string path)

kpse.expand_braces(string variable)

Best wishes,


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