[Dev-luatex] Very simple sample?

olli at sopos.org olli at sopos.org
Sat May 12 12:00:18 CEST 2007


I'm new to both luatex and this list and I hope my question is in the
scope of this list:

Javier Bezos wrote in

> Taco:
>> This is the simplest solution:
>>   \let\\\relax
>>   \directlua0{tex.print("\\uppercase{hello}");}
>:-/ Too ad hoc, but it helped, as I understood what's
>going on. So I tried:
>  \detokenize{tex.print("\\section{Hola $\\sin a_0^2$}");}}
>Seems to work.

I tried to wrap this in a \startlua -- \endlua pair, but this fails:


    tex.print("\\uppercase{Hallo Welt}")

If I replace the "\endlua" with "}}", it works.  I even messed around with
\catdoc`\}=12 and things like that, but didn't succeed.


Sorry that this mail misses the references-header, but the webinterface
doesn't show the mids.

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