[Dev-luatex] Module searching

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Dec 11 12:26:02 CET 2007

Heiko Oberdiek wrote:

> That is not the ide behind TDS. File searching in large trees
> is expensive. Thus the directory structure of TDS differentiates
> between file types to reduce the search space.

sure, but tds is somewhat outdated anyway, personally i tend to 
flattening, for instance fonts ... i tend to use


and put everything there -)

>>> The other file types are covered: TeX files, tfm files, type 1 files, ...
>>> Missing is a proper support for lua scripts.
>> lua scripts as such are like perl, ruby, whatever scripts; the 
>> texmfscript path is not for tex related (runtime embedded or whatever) 
>> scripts ... makes packaging a mess when we get a duplicate tree there, 
>> apart from clashes
> A TeX distribution could precompile lua scripts and put them
> in a definite place, e.g.
>   TDS:scripts/lua-compiled//
> (eventually adding a os component, afaik precompiled scripts
> aren't portable).

or one could use a different suffix (which is what i do, but then, i'm 
sure that everyone has his/her preferences)

> Then texmf.cnf could contain:
>   TEXMFSCRIPTS.lua = $TEXMF/scripts/lua-compiled//:$TEXMF/scripts//

no, if you want that route, the idea was/is


or something like that, since this is a macro package specific thing

> Then as first component only contains compiled lua files, few
> files, compared to all files below TDS:/scripts// or even
> TDS:tex//.
> Also not all Lua scripts must depend on LuaTeX. There could be
> standalone variants, libraries for stuff not directly related to TeX.

those can go into scripts indeed


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