[Dev-luatex] beta 0.20.1 released

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Dec 7 17:07:24 CET 2007

Hi all,

I have just uploaded the archives for luatex 0.20.1. This
is a bugfix release for wednesday's beta, and it fixes
the following issues:

* texlua was broken on Solaris because the some C header
   files were loaded in the wrong order.
* os.tmpdir() now accepts an argument, making it easier
   to use. It now generates more unique filenames when
   it is called repeatedly in one run.
* The --luaconly commandline switch is now documented
   in the --help text.
* The new extended hyphenation exceptions were severely
* \pdfprotrudechars could cause luatex to abort with an
   assertion failure.
* There was a bug in the  \span code that could cause endless
* The simple forms of \leaders were messed up on windows
   because a variable was not properly initialized.
* Non-grouped \textdir commands created invalid output.
* e-TeX's pseudo files were not closed properly in ini mode.
* The luatex.web now weaves properly again.
* I made some small improvements to the manual.

I have uploaded source and linux/win32 binaries to


Have fun,


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