[Dev-luatex] LuaTeX dependencies

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Dec 6 19:55:50 CET 2007

Joel C. Salomon wrote:
> I'm considering porting LuaTεχ to a new, vaguely Uɴɪx-like, operating
> system.  (Plan 9 from Bell Labs, if anyone cares.)   What
> libraries/compilers/interpreters does the system have to have for this
> to work?  E.g., I know that texexec is currently written in Ruby
> (which Plan 9 lacks), but Lua is straight C (which Plan 9 is built
> around).
> (If you tell me to wait a few months until things stabilize, that's fine too.)

texexec is just a runner for context (taking care of process management 
and index sortign and a few more things) and in that sense not related 
to luatex

i think that the biggest hurdle is the somewhat complex tex source code 
tree but luatex needs only bits and pieces and the source tree in the 
repository is already a subset

if lua compiles then you're halfway i guess

maybe ask on the tex live list for plan 9 experiences; i cc to karl, who 
knows all those things


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