[Dev-luatex] beta 0.20.0 released

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Dec 6 12:39:03 CET 2007

Jonathan Sauer wrote:

> (B) and (C) produce (C most likely because 'scaled 1000' is the default):

-1000 is the default (representing design size)

> It seems that texio.write does not reset its internal line length counter
> then writing a "\n". Also, there is a leading space for some reason.
> BTW: Is it possible to add a function which does not wrap after 80
> characters? Or maybe the wrapping is completely obsolete (though I am
> not sure about tracing TeX code).

texconfig.max_print_line   = 100000

> Another weird thing: The Latin Modern font contains ligatures, but they are
> not put inside a "ligatures" table. Example: "f" (simple output of the
> fontforge glyph table using code from the Lua wiki):
> [{boundingbox={33,0,357,705},kerns={{char="quotedblright.cm",off=28,lookup="pp_
> l_1_s"},{char="quotedblleft.cm",off=28,lookup="pp_l_1_s"},{char="quotedblright"
> ,off=28,lookup="pp_l_1_s"},{char="quotedblleft",off=28,lookup="pp_l_1_s"},{char
> ="quoteright",off=28,lookup="pp_l_1_s"},{char="quoteleft",off=28,lookup="pp_l_1
> _s"},{char="bracketright",off=28,lookup="pp_l_1_s"},{char="question",off=28,loo
> kup="pp_l_1_s"},{char="parenright",off=28,lookup="pp_l_1_s"},{char="exclam",off
> =28,lookup="pp_l_1_s"}},name="f",unicodeenc=102,width=306}]
> "f" contains a "fi" ligature:
> [{lookups={ls_l_10_s={{type="ligature",specification={char="f_i",components="f 
> i"}}}},boundingbox={27,0,527,705},name="f_i",unicodeenc=64257,width=556}]
> But this ligature is not associated with the "f" letter in any way. Is this a
> bug in the font? In LuaTeX? In the manual?

you need to locate the lookup associated to the 'liga' feature and use 
that one in reverse lookups, i.e. at f_f there is a lookup that shows 
what components make up the ligature

(you could consider ignoring the lookup and just apply certain ligature 
rules anyway, say f_f, f_i etc)


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