[Dev-luatex] beta 0.20.0 released

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Dec 5 16:11:33 CET 2007

Jonathan Sauer wrote:
> Hello,
>> I have just released the new beta for luatex, with version 
>> number now at 0.20.0. This will be the last beta with big 
>> changes in it for a while: I will start work on the mplib 
>> project now, and that will be my main focus for the coming 
>> two/three months. I have planned for bug-fix releases for 
>> this beta, though.
> Great news!
> What does this mean for the further development of LuaTeX?
> I would guess that the fourth stage, as defined on LuaTeX's
> homepage, is now finished. Still:
> - Apart from integrating MetaPost and the TODO list in the
>   manual, is LuaTeX feature-complete?

No, there will be more callbacks, for instance in the page building 
stage, more control over inserts, etc. Also, the backend will be redone 
(separation, more control over pdf, image inclusions). Parts will be 
rewritten in C instead of pascal. Font data structures will be extended 
(esp protruding and hz vectors), etc etc

> - Can the Lua interface be considered as being (more or less)
>   stable?

no, it's a beta after all, but for the existing features and interfaces 
no fundamental changes will take place; between the previous and current 
beta there have been changes; around tug 2008 much will be stable (first 
formal release), at eurotex 2009 we plan to release the version where at 
least documented parts of the interface are frozen.

> - What is planned between 2008 and 2010?

well, we have a wish list, but hen we have enough lua callbacks we may 
not need to add much; eventually there will be a tex kernel (in c) with 
a c interface; currently global properties will become structures, maybe 
we will be abel to run multiple instances .. who knowns

>> * Completely overhauled hyphenation and ligkern application,
>>    including the addition of a new "lang" table in lua to
>>    interface to the language parameters, some extra functions
>>    in the "node" table, and a few extra callbacks ("hyphenate",
>>    "ligaturing", "kerning", "post_linebreak_filter").
> This is a really, really great change from the original TeX,
> especially:

intended -)

> - "--" does not insert a discretionary (well, if \exhyphenchar
>   is set to 0).
> - \hyphenation can contain complex discretionaries, thus allowing
>   automatic changes such as backen => bak-ken ("to bake").
>> * a bunch of bugs reported on the mailing list have been
>>    fixed (I hope all of them).
> I'm afraid to ask: What about font expansion? ;-)

next year ... data tables (currently global) will move to fonts, maybe 
real alternative glyph support, etc

>> Have fun,
> I will. I guess I will dump eTeX as the required engine for my
> private format and use LuaTeX all the way. No more active characters
> for input and output encoding, better key-value processing ...
> nice!

> Well, as soon as I have figured out how to correctly load OpenType
> fonts ... incidentally, that is an place the manual could use some
> work: Section 4.12.2 explains how to get a metrics table from an
> OpenType font -- but now, what this metrics table contains. That
> makes it quite difficult to convert it to a tfm font table.

this is not for the manual, since there are many implementations 
possible and the whole idea behind luatex is that we only provide 
interfaces, no solutions; we have plans to write a luatex book (starting 
next year) that may contain example code

so, for the moment, consider it an experiment, next year, consider it 
reality and after that integration with macropackages will follow (well, 
up to he macro package writers of course)


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