[Dev-luatex] beta 0.20.0 released

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Dec 5 14:26:36 CET 2007


Hi all,

I have just released the new beta for luatex, with version
number now at 0.20.0. This will be the last beta with big
changes in it for a while: I will start work on the mplib
project now, and that will be my main focus for the coming
two/three months. I have planned for bug-fix releases for
this beta, though.

Actually, there certainly will be a 0.20.1 pretty soon,
because: there are some pretty nasty bugs in the bidirectional
algorithm that need fixing (sorry Idris, my brain is too
blurry to solve these right now, I'll try again in a day
or two); there is a node memory leak in math mode (not
bad enough to be a shopstopper, but it needs fixing); the manual
can be improved quite a bi (as the question from Jonathan

News compared to the last beta (0.11.2) is as follows:

* Completely overhauled hyphenation and ligkern application,
   including the addition of a new "lang" table in lua to
   interface to the language parameters, some extra functions
   in the "node" table, and a few extra callbacks ("hyphenate",
   "ligaturing", "kerning", "post_linebreak_filter").

   There is a new chapter in the manual to document all the
   changes to the hyphenation and line breaking algorithms,
   it is simply too much to list here.

* the interface of the pre_linebreak_filter,hpack_filter,
   vpack_filter, and pre_output_filter has changed slightly.

* boxes can now get explicit attributes different from the
   currently active set, using a syntax like

   \hbox attr2=12 attr3=-1 to 12pt {Hi!}

* lpeg is now at version 0.7

* a whole series of exotic bugs and compiler warnings are
   fixed, mostly thanks to the watchful eye of Fabrice.

* texio.print now accepts multiple strings as arguments.

* the lua functions os.sleep(), os.times(), os.gettimeofday()
   and os.tmpdir() have been added.

* lua now comes with the coroutine (coco) patches from the
   luajit project applied.

* the banner line no longer claims to be TeX.

* a bunch of bugs reported on the mailing list have been
   fixed (I hope all of them).

* (internal) we found lots of small ways to speed up lua
   node processing.

* (internal) the node (de)allocation functions have been
   rewritten, so that absolutely all nodes now have a type,
   even the ones with variable sizes.

I have uploaded source and linux/win32 binaries to


Have fun,


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