[Dev-luatex] Chars to glyphs. How to?

Jonathan Sauer Jonathan.Sauer at silverstroke.com
Wed Dec 5 14:07:21 CET 2007


> [...]
> > Questions:
> > 
> > - Section 6 of the manual states that the key of the "characters"
> >   table is the "internal code TeX knows this character by". How do
> >   I determine this code? Is this simply the Unicode code point?
> your choice, as long as you also provide the index i.e. where to find 
> the glyph in the font file

Now I'm back to confused. How is this my choice? Let's say I have an
input file with character "ä". Would its "internal code TeX knows
this character by" be Unicode's "LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH DIAERESIS"
(00C4)? If yes: So in order to add this character to an OT1-font, would
I simply add it to the "characters" table with key hex C4 (and an
appropriate command table)?

> > - Does the "char" font command move the output pointer?
> ?

If I have a command table "char 23; char 42", will character number 42
be typeset on top of character 23, or to the right? (yes, it does, as
Taco answered) Could this be added to the manual, to make the behaviour
of the "char" font command clearer? (since some other commands explicitely
state of they move the output pointer)

> Hans


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