[Dev-luatex] Chars to glyphs. How to?

Jonathan Sauer Jonathan.Sauer at silverstroke.com
Wed Dec 5 10:01:37 CET 2007


if I understand the svn version of the manual correctly, after
hyphenation, character nodes are converted to glyph nodes (BTW:
The new section 5 is very good, as it is very detailed). During
this step, first ligatures are created, then kerning is applied.

Now, LuaTeX uses Unicode internally, but current font need not
be Unicode. Given the letter "ä" and a font in OT1-encoding,
how would I convert this "ä" to an accented glyph *after*
hyphenation has happened (to be able to hyphenate words
containing "ä")?

I looked into the manual, but found only two callbacks for
inserting ligatures and kerning, not for converting characters
to glyphs (incidentally, the documentation for these callbacks
is very meager). Is this done using one of the font tables?
If so, how do I set it up correctly?

Thanks in advance,

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