[Dev-luatex] Beta 0.10.2

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Aug 14 13:52:40 CEST 2007


Yesterday evening I released a new beta, but I could not send any
email then, so here it is. This release fixes a number of bugs in
0.10.1, but does not do much else.

Bugs fixed:

* the primitive \span was completely broken
* \pdfexpandfont (font expansion) misbehaved if it was used more
   than once
* virtual fonts: sometimes they used the wrong internal font id,
   loading vf fonts via fonts.read_vf() was impossible, and sometimes
   virtual fonts created segfaults
* while dumping formats, the last font parameter for each font was not
   dumped at all
* zziplib was always compiled with pre-installed zlib headers, instead
   of the ones in the build tree
* lua 5.1.2 has trouble quoting ^Z characters etc, the tentative patch
   for lua 5.2 from Luiz fixes that, hopefully
* fontforge.font('font.pfb') now properly parses AFM boundingboxes
* non-existing files in the argument for fontforge.open() or
   fontforge.info() could cause segfaults, now it generates an error
* fontforge.open() did not return character widths for vertical fonts
   as it should
* on Windows, fontforge believed that ttc files (TrueType Collections)
   were actually directories. ttc processing is still not 100% correct,
   but it is getting better
* the build system used explicit 'make' sometimes
* the auto-growing string pool was not used everywhere
* there were some typos in the documentation parts of the pascal web
* use of \parshape could easily exhaust all available memory

New features:

* support for applying Adobe Feature files (.fea) and Adobe Font
   Metrics (.afm) is added to the fontforge library
* fontforge.info() will now return an array of tables for the contents
   for ttc files
* support for a 'texluac' personality was added, to replace the 'luac'
   command from the official Lua distribution

The download url is:


Best wishes,

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