[Dev-luatex] Example: Sorting in LuaTeX

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Aug 9 12:59:20 CEST 2007

Jonathan Sauer wrote:

> Caveat: In TeX, braces can be used to hide the <delimiter>; this is not
> possible
> in the above code. I plan to code a "string.findOutsideBraces" function
> to
> handle braces correctly, but I wonder if this should not be a library
> routine.

the embedded libaries and extensions are kept to the minimum, if only 
because we want to avoid endless discussions about what could go in 
there; lua is fast enough anyway; concerning braces .. watch the %b 
option on expressions, can be handy for nested braces

> In any case: Imagine the possibilities when using Lua not only for
> manipulating
> the node list, but also for parsing user input!

this has been one of the objectives right from the start: manipulation 
at each level (reading dat from file, manipulating token handling, 
handling node liste, etc); it all depends on what you want to manipulate 
... raw data stream, tokens (expansion done or not), typeset 
(intermediate) results, ...

luatex does not implement solutions, only provides the tools so you can 
choose any level you want for manipulations


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