[Dev-luatex] few font setup related questions

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Apr 24 09:42:53 CEST 2007

Igor Khomyakov wrote:
> Hans, thank you for your swift reply. We've been using pdftex for 
> quite some time, and will be really glad to experiment with the 
> current version of LuaTex, and not in a hurry, and prepared to throw 
> everything away :-)
> If possible, could you give some direction (very rough outline) on how 
> to set "large" ttf and otf fonts (assuming that the input is UTF-8 
> encoded)?   Has anyone tried/did this before ? 
I can post an example in a couple of weeks; the current open type table 
representation is in the process of being changes (we are switching from 
approx fontforge 1* structure to approx the new fontforge 2* structure).

(As part of the project we will write some simple generic font code; no 
features and such, just simple mappings from otf to tfm + basic 
ligatures and kerns so that one can do open type in traditional texie 
ways; these can then serve as a starting point for users.)


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