[Dev-luatex] automadness

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Apr 2 11:02:43 CEST 2007


Arthur Reutenauer wrote:
>   * The spurious '$' are more of a concern: apparently they're due to
>     discrepancies between Solaris /bin/sh and bash (which seem to
>     interpret constructs like
>     "test \"`echo '$''{'ac_cv_prog_LN_S'+set}'`\" = set" differently,
>     and on Solaris the dollar sign is set verbatim). So what we actually
>     have to do is use bash for the configure scripts (which on Solaris
>     is available as /bin/bash as well as /usr/bin/bash). But of course,
>     the path is set explicitely at the top of the script... So this is
>     more of a problem.
>   So, as a last request, would it be possible the tell autoconf to write
> "#!/bin/bash" at the beginning of the configure scripts, instead of
> /bin/sh? This seems the way to go, since on many systems /bin/sh is bash
> anyway (including Mac OS X), and apparently it's expected to be it, since
> it doesn't work otherwise on Solaris.
>   If it it's not possible, let it be; I'll find a workaround, but this is
> rather silly.

I agree that it is silly, but I just realized that this version will
at least *run* on systems with only sh or pdksh. Changing the first line
of the configure scripts to something like

	#!/usr/bin/env bash

would make it fail completely on such systems. So, I am sorry, but
I have changed my mind about making that change to the configure
scripts (for now).

Best wishes, Taco

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