[Dev-luatex] Building luatex on i386-darwin

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Nov 16 17:23:21 CET 2006

Arthur Reutenauer wrote:
>   (Sorry about the two emails sent mistakenly from my address @ens.fr,
> Taco. I'm still in the process of migrating between two servers).
>> whow, so what do you expect from this:
>   You mean, without cheating? I can try and guess.
>> \directlua0{tex.sprint(string.reverse("Hello World!"))}
>   I supposed the string is reversed by Lua, and then handed over to TeX
> to print, so you see it printed backward.
>> \beginR\directlua0{tex.sprint(string.reverse("Hello World!"))}\endR
>   Here the string will probably be reversed by Lua as above, and then
> reversed again by the e-TeX primitive, so you will see it in the right
> order, though I don't know what happens with the more refined metrics
> like kerning or ligatures when using \beginR; I guess the ligatures would
> be broken in a word like "difficult", because LuaTeX would see
> "tluciffid"... OK, that's a bad example. But unless \beginR does some
> fine-tuning, I expect the ligature to be broken.
10 points out of 10

i hadn't thought of that; in principle rl typesetting using the etex way 
is (but taco must correct me if i'm wrong) mostly a reverse flushing to 
the dvi file,

well, i must try it

anyhow, you can play a bit with such things in order to get a feeling of 
lua; the nice things is that it's fully expandable, one can even use 
nested lua calls


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