[Dev-luatex] next steps in development

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri May 5 12:05:51 CEST 2006


In order to experiment we need:

(1) \luadef\cs

goal: starts an lua instance
usage: \luadef\lua

(2) \luastring{...}

goal: escapes problematic chars
usage: \lua{str = "\luastring{blabla "bla"}"}

(3) \immediate\luacs

goal: feeds back into the token scanner (no need for scantokens, faster 
due to less parameter passing)
usage: \immediate\lua{tex.print("$x$")}

(4) tables:

pdf.print (literal, so we need something pdf.print(str,optional_type) in 
order to handle the now keywords to \pdfliteral

hartmut may have ideas on other other pdf entries (since he already has 
done some experiments)

further, taco and i discussed a lua extension using a variant of strings 
using 32 bit entries, partly for the unicode chars and partly for the 
\cs etc pointers so that we can do stringlike thinsg with token lists

well, we discussed more, but i need to search my memory -)


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