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Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Dec 22 10:01:31 CET 2006

Hi all!

(Answer only to ML as all of you are subscribed)

On Mit, 20 Dez 2006, Hans Hagen wrote:
> don't worry; first of all part of the software development by taco is paid 
> for by a grant (oriental tex project); next, luatex is a prelude for pdftex 

Great to hear this! Congratulations Taco!

> (there will be some reports in tugboat/maps about experiences so far; next 
> year, context will ship with so called context mkiv code (extra zip) which 
> reimplements some parts in lua; by then, we need to discuss a few 
> distribution things because luatex may demand a different setup) 

I am here ...

On Don, 21 Dez 2006, Hans Hagen wrote:
> some time next year you may test how well the kpse replacement that we 
> have for luatex performs/integrates (includes reading from zip files, 
> luabased config files, etc).

As soon as you have something to test, I try.

On Don, 21 Dez 2006, Idris Samawi Hamid wrote:
> Note that luatex is, for all practical purposes, the successor to aleph.  
> That is, the relevant/most useful portions of aleph have been ported to  
> luatex, aleph documents can already be run by luatex, and when luatex is  
> ready for prime time aleph will be obsolete.

Hi Idris, nice to see you here!! Recently I was on the Italian TeX User
Group meeting and asked about Giuseppe Ballotti (aleph) and everyone
told me that they are sorry but it seems he is missing (or lost interest
at all). Good to hear that we have a post-aleph!

> Put another way: Omega is a separate project but Aleph has basically  
> merged with the luatex project.

Well, omega1 was more or less integrated into aleph, and omega2 is
something in theory, AFAIS

Best wishes


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