[Dev-luatex] Using UTF8 in PDF mode?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Dec 12 22:03:53 CET 2006

Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote:
>    As I understand it, by default luatex accepts its input in UTF8.  
> However, the manual if \pdfoutput=1, fonts are limited to 256 glyphs.  
> What is the expected idiom for massaging the input so that non-ASCII 
> UTF8 symbols can be displayed sensibly? Should I be putting a hook 
> into the reader callback?  Or is there intended to be a more specific 
> mechanism in the future?
>    Put another way, I have a LaTeX document that in conjunction with 
> the inputenc package and pdftex-1.40.x-beta handles the occurrences of 
> UTF8 in my document by replacing them with macros I've defined.  
> However, I don't expect inputenc works with lua{la}tex, and I'm trying 
> to decide how to best port my document over.
you can try to use active characters but better is to wait till open type support (and more advanced type 1 support) is available; the first usabla beta's are scheduled around eurotex (may 2007); 

keep in mind that luatex is *not* stable, under active development, and that we take the freedome to change every aspect of it; we plan to have stable versions available end-of-2007; implementing macro based solutions and expecting them to work in the future is kind of dangerous and esp upcoming versions will probably be broken in many aspects (esp when tex's font mechanisms are being replaced / extended) 

so, porting documents is not a good idea right now; also, till we have complete open type support and more, luatex is hardly a replacement for pdftex; if you are in a hurry with utf and latex is unsufficient, you may want to look into xetex 


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