[Dev-luatex] Using UTF8 in PDF mode?

Geoffrey Alan Washburn geoffw at cis.upenn.edu
Tue Dec 12 16:35:43 CET 2006

    As I understand it, by default luatex accepts its input in UTF8.  
However, the manual if \pdfoutput=1, fonts are limited to 256 glyphs.  
What is the expected idiom for massaging the input so that non-ASCII 
UTF8 symbols can be displayed sensibly? Should I be putting a hook into 
the reader callback?  Or is there intended to be a more specific 
mechanism in the future? 

    Put another way, I have a LaTeX document that in conjunction with 
the inputenc package and pdftex-1.40.x-beta handles the occurrences of 
UTF8 in my document by replacing them with macros I've defined.  
However, I don't expect inputenc works with lua{la}tex, and I'm trying 
to decide how to best port my document over.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

[Geoff Washburn|geoffw at cis.upenn.edu|http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~geoffw/]

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