[Dev-luatex] lua in ocp's [was Very simple sample?]

Javier Bezos lists at texytipografia.com
Tue Dec 12 13:09:44 CET 2006


>> OK. What I was wondering was if the whole OCP mechanim
>> could be replaced by lua scripts. Since lua can be
> On the todo list is an item about writing lua scripts
> to interpret OTP files directly, but that is at least
> a few months away.

And about applying lua scripts at the point where
OCPs are applied? Remember one of the goals of OCPs is
to apply transformations _after_ expansion, so that:


could be properly handled as fi. This is very important
in "contextual" scripts like Arabic or Devanaghari.

BTW, I was even wondering if that would allow fixing the
\string and \char issues (I would say bugs) in the OCP


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