[Dev-luatex] lua in ocp's [was Very simple sample?]

Javier Bezos lists at texytipografia.com
Tue Dec 12 10:17:46 CET 2006


>> which just wraps every letter inside \dolua{ }. However,
>> the letters are silently ignored (but "print" prints it in
>> the console, so lua is working). I presume the problem
>> is "tex.print" is like a line in the tex file, while ocp's
>> are applied after expansion, so when \dolua is executed
>> it's too late and the line is sent to nowhere.
> That is roughly what happens, yes. I have to look into this
> at some point, because silently disappearing output is a bit
> unfriendly, but the precise interaction between otp processing
> and input states is not the easiest bit of TeX to comprehend,
> so it may take a while.

OK. What I was wondering was if the whole OCP mechanim
could be replaced by lua scripts. Since lua can be
embedded in TeX, the transformations would be under the
control of TeX and not as external files, unmodifiable
at run time. So, I intented to write a OTP passing
directly the OCP buffer to lua. Of course, that has
some disadvantages since the result may need further
expansion to reprocess it. Or perhaps not? This is what
I liked to investigate.


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