[Dev-luatex] lambda format

Javier Bezos lists at texytipografia.com
Mon Dec 11 10:00:54 CET 2006

> Can you post or send me your files/procedure?

Actually, I'm not sure about the procedure I followed,
since I made some things by trial and error. Further,
configuring a kpathsea based system is not exactly
easy (the way it search files is chaotic and you
never know which file tex will read, when there are
several one with the same name).

IIRC, what I did was:
- Copy the luatex binary to /bin/win32 inside my
TeXLive directory.
- Copy latex.ini to the local texmf as lualatex.ini
and change \input latex.ltx by \input lualatex.ltx.
This file is used by fmtutil. (Usually, the directory
would be texmf-local/tex/luatex.)
- Copy latex.ltx to the local texmf as lualatex.ltx
and comment out (or remove):

\ifnum\inputlineno=\m at ne\else
  \lccode`\^^9d=`\i    % dotted I
  \uccode`\^^9d=`\^^9d % dotted I
  \lccode`\^^9e=`\^^9e % d-bar
  \uccode`\^^9e=`\^^d0 % d-bar

which appears _twice_. This was explained by Taco
himself. I commented the following lines out, too:

                      Local configuration file hyphen.cfg used^^J%

- Find fmtutil.cnf which kpsewhich, ie:

kpsewhich fmtutil.cnf

(it will return the address of the file) and add the
following lines to it:

luatex     luatex    -    *aleph.ini
lualatex   luatex    -    *lualatex.ini

- Rebuild the ls-R databases with texhash.
- Build the formats with:

fmtutil --byfmt=luatex
fmtutil --byfmt=lualatex

I think I haven't missed any step. You might need to close
the system prompt and then reopen it at some of these steps.

I hope this helps.


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