[Dev-luatex] lambda format

Javier Bezos lists at texytipografia.com
Sun Dec 10 18:16:23 CET 2006


> How do you make/use the lamda format in luatex? Thnx
> in advanvce!

I'm not sure what you mean by lambda in luatex. Lambda is
just aleph + latex. What I've done is to copy latex.ini as
lualatex.ini and modify it so that it calls lualatex.ltx instead
of latex.ltx; this files is like latex.ltx but with a few changes
to avoid the loading of hyphenation patterns and several
non utf-8 chars. I then modified fmtutil.cnf and run fmtutil.
I'm using the TeX Live 2005, a web2c based distribution
with kpathsea (which seems to be required by the luatex
binary for Windows).

As for Mem, I'm still unable to use it because the model for
input encondings in luatex is so different (and I'm not sure
it's the right model, but I have to make further experiments).
In Mem they are based on ocp's, so that omega/aleph has
direct control on them and can be changed freely.


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