[Dev-luatex] Very simple sample?

Javier Bezos lists at texytipografia.com
Fri Dec 8 20:03:53 CET 2006


> Attached is a provisional excerpt of the coming book on LuaTeX.
> It is ConTeXt source, but it should not be hard to get it to compile
> under LaTeX or plain if you don't have ConTeXt installed.

I've ConTeXt installed (in fact, the full TeX Live 2005).
So, no problem.

>From the excerpt:

> From now on, whenever \LUATEX\ has to open a text file, it will call
> the function \type{file_opener} instead of actually opening the file
> itself. It stores the returned table in its memory, and it uses the
> function attached to the \type{reader} label for reading lines.

If I've understood correctly, this applies to files not
yet opened, but usually the encoding is stated inside
the file (ie, the file is already open).

> function latin_to_utf (line)
>   local s = "";
>   for c in string.bytes(line) do
>      s = s .. unicode.utf8.char(c)
>   end
>   return s
> end

But where is the input encoding? Apparently this changes
the "Unicode" representation from 8 bits (thus limited to
the range 0-255, which is certainly latin-1) to utf-8,
without reencoding anything (say, iso greek, koi8, macos,
jis, etc.). I've googled for docs on unicode for lua but
I haven't found anything particularly useful. 


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