[Dev-luatex] lua in ocp's [was Very simple sample?]

Javier Bezos lists at texytipografia.com
Thu Dec 7 17:38:02 CET 2006

Taco (and Hans):

> Of course there are a few things not implemented yet (in particular,
> we plan to have advanced support for in-line encoding/transliteration
> changes by making it possible to intercept the token builder, but that
> is not there yet). 

ok, thank you.

I've begun to make tests combining ocp's and lua. The tex
file is:


  1 \luaocp



//{\pushocplist\lualist text and text}//


and the otp file (lua.otp) is:

input:  1;
output: 1;

.  => "\dolua{" \1 "}";
which just wraps every letter inside \dolua{ }. However,
the letters are silently ignored (but "print" prints it in
the console, so lua is working). I presume the problem
is "tex.print" is like a line in the tex file, while ocp's
are applied after expansion, so when \dolua is executed
it's too late and the line is sent to nowhere.

I'm aware the road map says the third stage will implement
"token filtering (aka Translation Processes)". I'm just
commenting on my tests, just in case they are useful.


PS. By the way, I'm using luatex on Windows XP with TeXLive
2005 and a modified latex.ltx.

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