[Dev-luatex] (no subject)

Christof Schardt christof at schardt.info
Tue Aug 15 22:18:54 CEST 2006


I couldn't figure out, how I can get access to the luatex-sources.

My concern is: I'm developing a music-score language,
as of now called "emil" (= easy music input language), which is
likely to move towards Lua. (Hans: we had a short conversation in 
Darmstadt, if you remember).
I am curious to see, how luatex communicates with the tex-interpreter.
I'm at the beginning and my first problem is, to get Lua-output
as a scannable string back to the calling interpreter.
Hans' luatex-manual points out, that luatex has this
already built in.

So my question: can I get access to the sources, or get a hint,
how to output Lua to the calling interpreter,

Thanks in advance

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