[Dev-luatex] lua keyword { }

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Sep 16 19:41:43 CEST 2005

Hi Hans,

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Hi,
> So far we have
> \lua     {...} : expanded, result of tex.print is inserted with catcodes 
> 11/12
> \lua otr {...} : delayed expansion (in otr), only pdf.print is  used, 
> tex.print is ignored

I'm still not completely sure this will work out.  Having multiple
primitives without keywords is definately easier to work with.

> currently we need to use \scantokens to process the result of tex.print 
> in a texie way (current catcode regime). So, in addition we can have:
> \lua tex {...} : expanded, result of tex.print is fed into internal 
> scantokens

Sure, no problem.

> This saves passing args around.

But beware, you may end up being forced to create extra macros
because you cannot skip over the actual keyword "tex"  using

> we also need:
> \luatexversion   (currently 0.1.5)

This is "whatever version we want to use, right?". I'd like to use
this number instead of the pdftex/etex version string in the banner
(the 1.30.3-2.2 part), and use pdfluatex as executable name. Is that
acceptable ? (I'd like to 'flatten' the existing change files, as I
proposed on the pdftex list a month or so ago).

> \luaversion      (currently 5.0.2)

It seems the Lua we use right now has version

   #define LUA_VERSION        "Lua 5.1 (alpha)"

and also

   #define LUA_VERSION_NUM 501

but that is never used.

I assume that the version will become 510 soon. Anyway, you can
get the lua version string from inside \lua, as _VERSION, so
there is not really a need for a separate primitive.

Let's not forget  the primitive \luaesc, btw.



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