[dev-context] Where is the LuaTeX SVN?

luigi scarso luigi.scarso at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 12:57:37 CEST 2022

On Mon, Apr 18, 2022 at 12:10 PM Henri Menke <henri at henrimenke.de> wrote:

> Dear list,
> On the ConTeXt wiki there are links to the LuaTeX SVN:
>    https://wiki.contextgarden.net/ConTeXt_Standalone/Implementation#LuaTeX
>    SVN: https://foundry.supelec.fr/svn/luatex
>    ViewVC: https://foundry.supelec.fr/scm/viewvc.php/?root=luatex
>    Files: http://foundry.supelec.fr/gf/project/luatex/frs/
> However, none of these links work. All connections time out.
> Somewhere on the mailing list I found this alternative server
>    https://serveur-svn.lri.fr/svn/modhel/luatex/
> but this doesn't have ViewVC to browse the history.

This is the official site, already from a while,  is

As per https://tug.org/pipermail/luatex/2022-April/007668.html
I am trying to set up a git mirror of the svn site, but I am not able to
see the vendor branch yet.

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