[dev-context] CGModules update: lua-widow-control version v2.0.0 published.

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Tue Mar 8 04:59:13 CET 2022

Max Chernoff submitted an update to the



Version number: v2.0.0
License type: Mozilla Public License v2.0
Wants to be in ConTeXt distribution: yes
Wants to be synced with CTAN: yes

Summary description: Automatically remove widows and orphans from any document

Announcement text:

**Breaking Changes**
- Page breaks may be slightly different
- Removed `\lwcemergencystretch` and `\lwcdisablecmd` in LaTeX. Please use the new key–value interface

Other Changes
- Use expl3 for the LaTeX files (#20)
- Use a key–value interface for configuration with LaTeX (#11)
- Silence some extraneous `luatexbase` info messages
- Add a "debug mode" to print extra information (#12)
- Fix error message line wrapping
- Don't reset `\interlinepenalty` and `\brokenpenalty`
- Set and analyze `\displaywidowpenalty`
- Keep section headings with moved orphans (#17)
- Add the ability to configure the maximum paragraph cost (#22)
- Add a "strict" mode
- Use an improved cost function to select the best paragraph to lengthen (#23)
- Dozens of bug fixes
- Miscellaneous documentation updates

You can view the full changelog on GitHub: https://github.com/gucci-on-fleek/lua-widow-control/compare/release-2c7201854d89535ef7c02f6c38486205677f1aa1...release-cea06ddad8dfcf15fa9ba2a86c6640648b9df523.


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