[dev-context] CGModules update: vim syntax highlighting version 2020.06.29 published.

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Tue Jun 30 07:03:16 CEST 2020

Aditya Mahajan submitted an update to the

               vim syntax highlighting


Version number: 2020.06.29
License type: BSD License (simplified)
Wants to be in ConTeXt distribution: yes
Wants to be synced with CTAN: yes

Summary description: This module uses Vim editor's syntax files to syntax highlight verbatim code in ConTeXt

Announcement text:

This is a major release that adds support for XML export. Many thanks to
Christoph Hintermüller for the initial implementation and extensive
brainstorming and testing. 

When export is enabled, e.g., using 



    \definevimtyping[CODE][syntax=..., alternative=colorscheme]

is exported as

    <vimtyping detail="colorscheme">



is exported as

    <inlinevimtyping detail="colorscheme">...</inlinevimtyping>

Each line is wrapped inside a `<verbatimline>...</verbatimline>` and each
syntax group is wrapped inside `<syntaxgroup
detail="vim....">...</syntaxgroup>`. See the updated documentation for

The module ships with a default CSS file which can be included as


This CSS file tries to mimic the default PDF output. If you want to tweak the
output then it is recommended that you copy the default CSS file and modify it
as appropriate.


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