[dev-context] CGModules update: vim syntax highlighting version 2020.06.23 published.

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Tue Jun 23 19:51:37 CEST 2020

Aditya Mahajan submitted an update to the

               vim syntax highlighting


Version number: 2020.06.23
License type: BSD License (simplified)
Wants to be in ConTeXt distribution: yes
Wants to be synced with CTAN: yes

Summary description: This module uses Vim editor's syntax files to syntax highlight verbatim code in ConTeXt

Announcement text:

This is a bug-fix release with mutliple minor bugfixes:

* Improvement in how catcodes are set internally. This ensures that
  space gets exported correctly in XML. Partially resolves #34.

* Bugfix so that names of colors don't leak across different
  colorschemes. Closes #37.

* Improved documentation. Added documentation of colorscheme and added a 


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