[dev-context] Light colors in colo-imp-rgb.mkiv

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Mon Jun 8 07:36:04 CEST 2020


The 'light' colors defined in colo-imp-rgb.mkiv are not light!

\definecolor [lightred]      [r=1,   g=0,   b=0]
\definecolor [lightgreen]    [r=0,   g=1,   b=0]
\definecolor [lightblue]     [r=0,   g=0,   b=1]
\definecolor [lightcyan]     [r=0,   g=1,   b=1]
\definecolor [lightmagenta]  [r=1,   g=0,   b=1]
\definecolor [lightyellow]   [r=1,   g=1,   b=0]

Is this intentional? How about replacing them with somewhat reasonable defaults?

\definecolor [lightred]      [r=1,    g=0.5, b=0.5]
\definecolor [lightgreen]    [r=0.5,  g=1,   b=0.5]
\definecolor [lightblue]     [r=0.75, g=1,   b=1]
\definecolor [lightcyan]     [r=0.5,  g=1,   b=1]
\definecolor [lightmagenta]  [r=1,    g=0.5, b=1]
\definecolor [lightyellow]   [r=1,    g=1,   b=0.5]

See attached output. These are not the ideal choices in terms of shades, but I have chosen values which are least subjective and still give reasonable shades.

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