[dev-context] Minor Problems with ma-cb-en.pdf

Sebastian Miele sebastian.miele at gmail.com
Tue May 12 14:05:23 CEST 2020

On page 117 in appendix A (Command definitions) the "OPT" repeatedly
protrudes into the following lines of text.

On page 11 in chapter 6 (Heads), the following probably signifies some
sort of error: "missing: stp:x:chapter missing: stp:x:section [..]".
There are many more such places ("missing: stp:x:...").

"In addition we could also use the command \displaystyle. If we would
type": After that, the result of some ConTeXt input follows twice. But
it should be the verbatim ConTeXt input followed by the result.

There is a single \phantom example in the PDF. It probably is meant to
align the two plus signs. But the lower plus sign is more to the left.

"lable" instead of "label".


"CONTEXT support the BIBTEX way": "support" instead of "supports".

"As you have seen you": Superfluous "you".

"If you want to have backgrounds in the gray areas of the page layout of
figure 36.1 you type": There are no gray areas in figure 36.1.

Apart from that there is a slight performance issue with the document:

I use a computer with quite low power consumption. It has significantly
less peak performance than 'usual' computers. But, usually, it more than
suffices for all that I do. I use Arch Linux and Evince on x86_64.

In many places, the rendering of ma-cb-en.pdf is quite slow, especially
on the first and last page of the PDF. Apart from that, using Evince to
search, e.g. for 'bla', through the whole ma-cb-en.pdf is very slow.
(And when I search for '\phantom' then it finds matches in the
background graphic of the first and last page of the PDF.)

Other documents, even much longer ones like the ConTeXt reference
manual, usually pose no such problems at all on my computer. I suspect
that the manual uses fancy graphical stuff (in a way) that takes lots of
time to render and somehow also makes it more complicated to search
through it.

The computing power of my computer may be comparable to a recent
Raspberry PI. The slowness with ma-cb-en.pdf is no real problem for me,
because I most probably will not peruse this specific document in a way
that makes the problems really bad. In particular, I will not search a
lot through the document, as I often do in refence manuals.

But I wanted to have noted that the problem or such problems do exist.

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