[dev-context] Typos in tools-mkiv.pdf

Sebastian Miele sebastian.miele at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 13:42:23 CET 2020

"who is also charge of": Missing "in".

"There are few exert options too": "exert" instead of "expert".

"and or course": "or" instead of "of".

"can not run the script as any program": "can not" instead of "can".

"Als, in practice"

"Getting information on trackers, directives and experiments.": This
sentence probably should be dropped.

"behaviour that are": Mismatching singular/plural.

"and it also resolvers.locating": Missing verb.

"use given texmf tree (default file: setuptex.tmf)": I did not find a
setuptex.tmf in the distribution.

"have a bunch or options": "or" instead of "of".

"The --execute options exists": "options" instead of "option".

"An finally": "An" instead of "And".

"We actually maintains": "maintains" instead of "maintain".

"In the merging process, most all comments": "most all" instead one of

"makes it easy to write Lua a scripts"

"Creates a format file and stores in in"

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