[dev-context] Different Versions of Manuals

Sebastian Miele sebastian.miele at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 11:56:55 CET 2020

Hans Hagen <j.hagen at xs4all.nl> writes:
> On 3/1/2020 3:49 PM, Sebastian Miele wrote:
> >
> > The ConTeXt Excursion referenced from the garden and contained in the
> > LMTX distribution say that they are from 2017-Oct-05. The version linked
> > from http://www.pragma-ade.com/overview.htm says it is from 1999-May-27.
> >
> > The ConTeXt reference manual linked from
> > http://www.pragma-ade.com/overview.htm is from 2001-Nov-12. The version
> > referenced in the garden is from 2013-Sep-27. As of now, I did not find
> > a version of the document in the distribution. Neither in ConTeXt LMTX,
> > nor in ConTeXt Standalone.
> The garden copies are kind of independent. Not updated often.
> The website is largely the same as what is in the distribution but not 
> entirely. (Btw, most of the website is generated automatically along 
> with generating the current distribution zip.)
> The website is a bit more archival in that sense. The old ref manual 
> (most of which still applies) has some chapters turned into what are now 
> separate manuals.

Ok, I just use the docs from the distribution and the contextref.pdf
from 2013-Sep-27 linked at the garden (as neither it nor its source
seem to be in the distribution).

> > luametatex.pdf in LMTX is from Feb-18. In Standalone it is from Jan-30.
> Sure, sometimes we update LMTX independent from the mkiv distribution. 
> I generate the luametatex manual (1) as a quick test and (2) to check if 
> I messed up performance.
> Anyway, as the sources are distributed too one can always generate the 
> latest greatest.

Generating the manuals on my site may produce the latest (except for the
lacking ConTeXt reference manual). But it cannot produce the greatest on
my site, because, as of now, I am lacking Lucida and Cambria, and my
financial means are extremely limited (contrary to my free time :-)).

At least the LuaMetaTeX manual has a graphical example with boxes drawn
around Lucida and Cambria characters in order to illustrate spacing. The
font metrics used for that almost certainly come from the fonts.

I just stay with the generated PDFs.


Best wishes

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